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Emergency Dentistry

Get Immediate Relief with Emergency Dentist Services in Newark NJ

Do you have a dental emergency? That can be a tricky question to answer. People have different pain thresholds, leading to different perspectives about whether something constitutes an emergency. However, suppose you have experienced something that could permanently damage one or more of your teeth. In that case, you may be in need of emergency dentistry.

If you have an emergency, getting treatment as soon as possible is essential. How do you do that when it can take weeks to see your dentist for non-emergency care? At Greater Essex Dental, we understand that dental emergencies are a reality. So, we set aside appointment time for dental emergencies. That means that we can offer same-day appointments for patients experiencing dental emergencies. After hours, we may be able to guide you to resources to get immediate dental treatment.

After all, even though teeth play a critical role in your health, the ER does not treat dental emergencies. That means many people do not know how to respond when dealing with a true dental emergency. A quick response may help you save your tooth.

Dental emergencies can include the loss of a tooth, broken teeth, or sudden and extreme tooth pain. All of those can require immediate dental care.

You may have seen that you must put your tooth in milk to reattach it. It is true that if you lose a tooth, you want to keep it moist. Moist can help keep the roots alive. Milk is an okay liquid to provide that moisture. However, before putting your tooth in milk, see if you can put it back in your mouth. You will not be able to reattach your tooth on your own. However, if you can place it back into its socket, you increase the chances that the dentist will be able to reattach your tooth.

Most toothaches are not considered dental emergencies. Though they can be distracting and painful, you can usually wait a few days for an appointment. However, severe pain can signal the need for emergency dentistry. Severe pain can be a sign of infection. Infection in your teeth and gums can be potentially life-threatening. It can spread into your blood, causing sepsis. So, you want to call us if you experience sudden and severe pain during business hours. Outside of business hours, you may want to visit an ER. At the ER, they can rule out other causes of pain and begin antibiotics if they develop sepsis.

If a toothache is not an emergency, you still want to reduce the pain while you wait. Thoroughly rinse your mouth with warm water, then floss your teeth. That removes debris from your teeth and gumlines. Trying to dig it out can be tempting if something is stuck between your teeth. However, you can do more damage by trying to DIY. So, wait till you get to the dentist.

Not sure whether you have an emergency? Call us anyway. Our receptionist can review your symptoms and let you know whether you need an emergency visit.

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