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Oral Surgery

Expert Oral Surgeon Dedicated to Your Wellness in Newark NJ

Oral surgery can be intimidating and confusing. It exists in limbo between medical doctors and dentists. It can also be an insurance nightmare, requiring you to coordinate your health and dental insurance. Before you even go in for surgery, you may be worn out by the process.

Oral surgery is any surgery on your teeth, jaw, gums, mouth, and surrounding facial structure. It includes dental surgery, which is surgery on your teeth. However, while all dentists are trained to do dental surgeries, not all are oral surgeons. Oral surgeons have additional years of training to specialize in various oral and facial surgeries.

At Greater Essex Dental, we are committed to simplifying the process for our patients. We work with your insurance and coordinate surgery with our dentists and surgeons. You have a consistent care team helping you with your dental challenges.

In addition, we firmly believe that dental surgery should not hurt. We make pain management a priority. We can provide medications beforehand to reduce your anxiety about any procedures. During the process, we can provide effective pain medication, including entirely putting you under so you are unaware during the procedure. We will also send you home with appropriate medicines to treat post-surgical pain.

When should you see an oral surgeon? Generally, your dentist will recommend an oral surgeon if you need surgery beyond a simple extraction. General dentists can handle simple extractions. However, suppose the surgery will likely involve significant risk to the jawbone, nerves, or adjacent teeth. In that case, your dentist may recommend an oral surgeon.

Oral surgeons often handle removing dental teeth, impacted teeth, and more. However, they also handle many surgeries that people may not consider when considering oral surgery. Oral surgeons may be involved with:

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Facial Cosmetic Surgery
  • Removing Oral Tumors, Cysts, and Cancers
  • Fixing Misaligned Jaws
  • Repairing Cleft Lips and Palates
  • Treating TMJ and Facial Pain

Oral surgeons may also do surgeries on your sinuses. Your sinus cavities are located just above your jawbones in your face. People have sinus surgeries for many reasons, but one main reason is to treat recurrent sinus pain or infections. So, you may be referred to an oral surgeon by your general practitioner or primary care physician, not just a dentist.

The benefit of having an oral surgeon at your dentist is that you do not have to go through the referral process. Suppose our dentists see an issue requiring consultation with an oral surgeon. In that case, they can ensure you get scheduled for it before you leave your visit. However, we also see patients from outside of our practice.

If you have an oral health issue that requires surgery, we would be happy to schedule a consultation. Contact us today or have your dentist contact our office. If you are a referral patient, ask your dentist to send over your records. That can make the consultation process faster and more affordable for you.

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