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Full Mouth Reconstruction Benefits

Benefits of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Do you hate your smile? Do you struggle to eat or have missing or damaged teeth? Then, a full mouth reconstruction may be right for you. Not every person who needs reconstructive dentistry needs a full-mouth treatment. However, it could be the solution for you if you have multiple cosmetic issues or serious structural problems.


In some instances, full mouth reconstruction is a cosmetic procedure. Suppose you have missing teeth, damaged teeth, discolored teeth or jaws, gum recession, or sunken jaws. In that case, reconstruction may be the suitable alternative for you. Reconstruction is not the same as a smile makeover. Smile makeovers focus on cosmetic issues, but full mouth reconstructions also address health issues.


Do you struggle to eat? Are there foods you cannot eat because of your teeth? One of the top reasons to get a full mouth reconstruction is to restore functionality to your mouth. Once your teeth are fixed, you should be able to eat a full range of foods. Of course, you must still be careful when eating hard foods that could damage natural teeth.

Improve Your Mouth’s Health

If you have tooth damage, you probably have other issues in your mouth. It can impact your smile. However, did you know that your mouth’s health can affect the rest of your body? By removing damaged teeth, addressing gum disease, and treating damaged roots, we can help restore health to your mouth.

Treat Periodontal Disease

Do your gums bleed? Even if they only bleed when you are brushing or flossing, it can be a severe problem. Periodontal disease can progress to periodontitis, leading to gum loss, bone loss, and missing teeth. A full mouth reconstruction treats the symptoms of periodontal disease and can help prevent it from worsening.

Schedule a Visit

Not sure if a full mouth reconstruction is right for you? The best way to get the answer is to schedule a consultation with a dentist who handles reconstruction and restoration. At Greater Essex Dental, our dentists can examine your mouth, assess tooth damage, gum decay, and periodontal disease, and outline various treatment alternatives. So, get started on your new smile today.

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