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Dental Implants Procedure

Dental Implants Procedure: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you curious about dental implants? It is a great way to restore your teeth, and a good set of implants should last a lifetime. Sturdier and steadier than dentures, implants restore your bite and are not plagued by the same fit problems dentures have. However, the process is different from that of getting dentures. Understanding the procedure can help you decide if dental implants are for you.


The first step is a consultation, where the dentist examines your current teeth and the condition of your gums and jaws. They will let you know if dental implants are possible and if you need a bone graft. The dentist may suggest other alternatives if you do not need a full-mouth restoration.

Bone Grafts

Many people need bone grafts to have enough bone material for an implant. Generally, the implants happen after removing other teeth. Bone grafts must heal before placing the implant, and the healing process can take different amounts of time, but it is usually three to four months.


Once your bones are ready, the dentist can place the implant. It can take about an hour for a single implant or several hours if you get a full mouth. If you are getting a total implant, the dentist does not place screws for each tooth but anchor screws for the entire set. Then, the dentist places a temporary crown for healing.


This is a crucial step. Your mouth needs to heal before the dentist places the permanent crowns. It can take months for the healing to finish, but you want the swelling to subside so that your permanent teeth fit well.

Placing the Permanent Teeth

At your final appointment, the dentist removes the temporary crown or implants and places a permanent crown. While this is the last appointment of the implant process, you will probably have follow-up appointments to ensure the implant fits appropriately.

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